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The Top 3 Things That Affect the Outcome of a Storm Claim

With the cost-of-living crisis on the rise, unexpected and sudden expenses can result in life changing financial strain for every Australian hence, the outcome of insurance claims has never been more important. Everything that we do can impact on a claim therefore, it is vital to be making moves in a positive direction. Here’s a list of three factors that can make or break a storm claim to prepare for the approaching storm season.

Loss Reduction

There are many elements that can affect a claim before an event even happens. Keeping a property well maintained, especially the roof & gutters, can reduce the amount of damage caused or prevent a loss from occurring during a storm. Furthermore, action should be taken immediately during and following an event to prevent further loss. For example, contents should be moved away from incoming water where possible, and tarp or buckets can be used to stem the flow of water entering the property. Aside from SES, most insurers have 24-hour emergency assistance numbers listed in the PDS or website to help install tarps, arrange drying equipment & attend to any makesafe. More on this under ‘prompt action’.


Good recordkeeping ensures all costs will be considered in the event of a loss. For example, Proof of ownership is required when claiming for water damage to contents. This may be in the form of any combination of the following:

  • original purchase documentation such as receipts,
  • purchase dockets,
  • guarantee/warranty cards,
  • credit card statements,
  • photographs picturing the items,
  • owner manuals or valuations for the items claimed.


Proof of damage should also be obtained and preserved. Damaged items should be kept however, if storage is not practical, detailed photos and repair reports can assist with assessment.

Prompt Action

In claims, timing is everything during these events. Given the pressure placed on local trades, claims delays can be significantly reduced by lodging your claim as soon as possible with as much information and documentation as possible. Once the claim is lodged, makesafe should be attended to immediately to mitigate further loss and photos taken showing the damage to building and contents if items need to be disposed of.
Following these steps and contacting your broker as soon as a claim occurs allows us to lead claims outcomes in a positive direction and have you back in a pre-claim position sooner rather then later

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