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5 Millions Dollars Cover

Starting From
$ 42 Monthly
  • Suggested for Domestic Work
  • Australia Wide

10 Millions Dollars Cover​

Starting From
$ 46 Monthly
  • Suggested for Business to Business
  • Sub-contractors
  • Australia Wide

20 Millions Dollars Cover​

Starting From
$ 54 Monthly
  • Suggested for Government Contracts
  • Corporate or Industrial Work
  • Australia Wide

How Much Public Liability Insurance Do You Need?

In Australia insurers generally offer 5 Million, 10 million and 20 million dollar cover options, but how much public liability insurance do you need? According to Steve Sloan a broker with Insure 247 “It will depend on your occupation, risk exposure, and legal requirements”

Public Liability Insurer CGU explain “Every business is different, and there is no ‘one size fits all’ rule for how much public liability insurance your business needs. Sometimes the amount of public liability insurance you need will be dictated by the contracts you work on – for example, some corporate and government contracts will stipulate a minimum amount of public liability.”

At we quote broadform liability cover, this covers your business against claims for personal injury to another person (other than employees) or damage to property owned or controlled by someone else, or advertising liability. Property damage, personal injury or advertising liability which gives rise to legal liability must happen during the period of insurance and be caused by an occurrence in connection with your business activities, Broadform also cover product liability.

If you are unsure or want speak to a broker or talk to our team, call on 1300 046 787, to discuss your requirement.

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